Local Restaurant Marketing That Works

​We ​Create ​Local Restaurant Marketing Campaigns That ​Bring You ​HUNGRY Customers

​Cutting Edge ​Local Restaurant Marketing ​

Competition is fierce ​in the restaurant ​industry, and you ​need ​high powered ​local restaurant marketing to get ​and keep people in the seats. Stop using old school marketing methods that don't get you the results you ​want.

​As a restaurant owner, ​​your day is ​hectic. Between managing the front ​of the house, kitchen staff, food costs, quality control, and making sure your customers are happy... you​ stay busy.

​It is very easy to get stuck in a rut when it comes to the marketing of your restaurant. We can help you get a new flood of customers rushing through the doors to eat your food. 

​Mealnificent Marketing

​Deliver your exclusive offers to the Foodies in your local area with our ​flagship product. Our ​targeted lists expose you​ to new customers

​​Direct Marketing

​Do you ​want repeat ​customers? ​Let us set up engaging email and SMS marketing campaigns that get real results for your restaurant

​Ringless Voicemail

​With our ringless voicemail campaigns, we can target specific zip codes and demographics to bring new ​patrons through the door.

​​Let's Discuss Your Restaurant's ​Marketing

​Contact Mealnificent today to bring new customers through your doors with our local restaurant marketing. Our restuarant marketing systems get you results virutally overnight because we ​specialize in direct marketing. By reaching foodies on their smartphones, they are able to take action on your offers immediately, showing you an immediate return on investment.

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